Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation

Our firm has a multidisciplinary team, comprised of specialized professionals with experience in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and disputes, offering comprehensive and first tier legal expertise with significant added value, acting quickly and effectively on behalf of both domestic and foreign clients, whether they be listed corporations or closed capital companies, controlling shareholders or administrators, in all aspects related to corporate disputes.

Our practice encompasses both legal consulting (which includes the preparation of legal opinions and memorandums, in addition to participation in general meetings and partners' meetings on behalf of our clients), as well as representation of our clients in the context of legal defense in any sphere (administrative, judicial or arbitration).
Our experience includes the legal structuring of agribusiness transactions, involving financing, investments, services, M&A, as well as joint ventures of agribusiness companies and public offerings of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA).

We pay special attention to the pre-litigation phase, seeking to create strategies and creative solutions that strengthen the interests of our clients, ensuring that they are positioned in a way that most favors the reaching of an agreement or, when this is not possible and they enter into litigation, that most favors a successful outcome.

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