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Stocche Forbes Environmental Radar 49th

We present the 49th edition of our Environmental Radar, a monthly newsletter created by Stocche Forbes Environmental and Climate Risks´ team, to share information about the main trending topics in the environmental, climate change and corporate sustainability fields, including legislations, court precedents and relevant news.



ENVIRONMENTAL VIOLATIONS: Ceará implements rules on installments plans and discounts for fines.

RURAL ENVIRONMENTAL REGISTRATION: Normative instruction defines criteria for expedited CAR procedure

ENVIRONMENTAL LICENSING: INEMA institutes a special licensing procedure for forestry and livestock businesses and enterprises.

DECOMMISSIONING POTENTIALLY POLLUTING ENTERPRISES: The Normative Instruction sets out procedures for deactivating and shutting down potentially pollutant businesses and enterprises.

REVERSE LOGISTICS: Mato Grosso do Sul issues regulations on the reverse logistics system for packaging


INDIGENOUS LAND DEMARCATION: The CCJ approves a Bill that will change demarcation rules for indigenous land.


ENVIRONMENT: Business owners and intellectuals sign a letter against legislative efforts to roll back environmental rules.


LAND REGULARIZATION: The Chamber approves fast tracking a bill changing Brazil’s land regularization system.


SUSTAINABLE FINANCE: The number of green debentures issued and ESG credit transactions in Brazil rise in 2021


DEFORESTATION: Deforestation increases and La Niña intensifies CO2 emissions and outbreaks of fire in the Amazon.


RENEWABLE ENERGY: Wind power on the rise in the first half of 2021 in Brazil.


SUSTAINABLE FINANCE: ECB announces steps to incorporate climate change in monetary policy

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