White Collar Crime Defense and Corporate Investigations

Our team is capable of assisting companies in a diverse range of situations that may result in criminal issues, well-equipped to handle complex demands in advisory and litigation capacities.

The group offers the expertise and capabilities acquired in a wide variety of activities, including criminal defense before police and judicial authorities up to the Supreme Court, elaboration of requests to initiate police inquiries, filing of private criminal lawsuits, follow-up of search and seizure procedures and support as assistant to prosecution. We also work with internal corporate investigations, legal opinions on criminal matters and staff training on how to deal with police and related authorities.

In our work, we take into account the specificities of each industry sector where our clients operate, thus providing an extremely tailored legal advice that covers all kinds of corporate crimes established under the Brazilian criminal code and complementary legislation, such as crimes against the National Financial System, the Economic and Taxation Order, the Environment, Consumer Relations, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Capital markets crimes, Bankruptcy crimes and others.

Our group works in seamless integration with other practice teams in the Firm, providing clients with a more thorough analysis of their issues, as well as with more complete and accurate recommendations.

In connection with Brazil’s new legislative and in accordance with best business’s standards, we have assisted our clients in advisory matters and ongoing investigations, guided by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) and any other foreign criminal statute.

Lawyers responsible for the area: