Lilian Patrus Marques

Lilian is a senor associate in Dispute Resolution and Prevention practice area. Her practice focuses on civil litigation and commercial arbitration. She represents domestic and foreign clients in complex and delicate disputes involving issues related to business acquisitions, corporate disputes, Contract Law, Torts, Consumer Law and judicial and extrajudicial restructurings.


Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B.) from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG – 2008. Postgraduate Degree in Civil Law from Faculdade de Direito da Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais – PUCMG  – 2011. Masters of Laws Degree in Civil Procedural Law from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo – USP – 2014. Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.) from University of Chicago Law School – 2016. Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Comitê Brasileiro de Arbitragem – CBAr and Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual – IBDP.

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