Intellectual Property

We believe that intangible assets are of great importance to their owners and have the ability to value the business of the company that owns or explores them.

In this context, we have a team with expertise in all areas of intellectual property, performing activities that include, among others, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, domain names, copyrights, software, intellectual property contracts, information technology contracts and franchise.

Relying on the experience and knowledge gathered by many transactions carried out by the firm, our lawyers conduct intellectual property audits, draft, review and negotiate contracts involving intellectual property matters (licenses or assignments of intellectual property, franchise, technology supply, services, development, partnerships, among others), conduct and coordinate intellectual property registration processes, including trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and domain names, litigate and respond to general intellectual property queries.

In addition to the Brazilian practice, our team is considerably familiar with international treaties and European, North American and South American legislation on the subject.

We are not limited to analyzing the legal aspects of intangible assets, but we perform a comprehensive analysis of the management of intellectual property that benefits clients’ objectives.

Lawyers responsible for the area: